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Berkshire Schools XC Championships

As you will all now be aware the Berkshire Schools XC Championships has had to be cancelled this year due to the lockdown, however there is going to be a virtual competition for you to compete in. Please follow the link below to register and to enter your times. You will then need to find a course so that you can complete the race distance as per the info attached. You have upto the 28th February 2021 to enter your times etc.

Berkshire Schools Virtual XC Championships


20 December 2020

Further to Last Night's Covid-19 Update, as we have now moved into Tier 4 training in groups has had to be suspended yet again.

I have put a complete Christmas Training schedule up on the web site for you to follow, please stick to the sessions for your squad.

We have been informed that the track has been closed by the sports centre and this will be revised as further information comes available

We will of course keep you updated, regarding our return to the track in January 2021.

5 November 2020

Further to Wednesday's approval, by MPs, to introduce a second lockdown until 2nd December 2020, I can confirm that the leisure centre/athletics track will close from the 5th November, and all track based training have been cancelled.

As you know we have worked very hard to ensure our athletes could return to training and have done our utmost to implement stringent COVID-19 safety measures to ensure the safety and health of our athletes, parents and coaches whilst using training at the track and else where.

However, although this is very disappointing for us and for our athletes, we understand the necessity to follow these government guidelines and we will work hard to ensure we continue to implement procedures that keep everyone safe.

We will of course keep you updated, regarding our return to the track in December.

27 July 2020 

As you will be aware the government are trying to get things back to normal as of the 25th July Leisure Centres are allowed to open again, but must have social distancing and one way systems in place.

We are hoping the track will re-open w/c 3rd August, however the Covid Committee has decided to keep the Club House closed at this time. The Club are looking into a booking in system so that we know who is going to be training at the track on a specific day and time.

You will receive a Covid-19 form soon from the club, that will need to be completed prior to being able to attend training sessions,  parents will also need to remain on site at the track to administer any first aid that may be required  

We all want to get back to full training, but in the mean time please continue to follow the training sessions put up on this web site for your specific squad, Keep Safe and we'll all be back to training soon

Update from England Athletics is that small groups of 5 athletes and a coach can meet, but strict Social Distancing must be observed at all times.

Update from Bracknell AC, after speaking to the Council, we are now expecting the track to be open again in early August, we are now preparing a procedure so that small groups of 15 athletes and 2 coaches can work together to deliver a session, there are likely to be some very different groups. The track will be split into segments to allow for 4 different groups to train at the same time.

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  • Les & the Team

    Fartlek Sessions.

    Fartlek comes from the Swedish for 'Speed Play' and combines continuous running and interval training. Fartlek allows you to run at varying speeds over differing terrain and distances of your choice.

    Importance of Nutrition.

    Please read this document to learn more about nutrition.

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    Middle Distance Coaching

    The middle distance/endurance group is led by Les Rayment, with assistance from Mike Barnard, Jason Ballard and Gilly Bailey. We meet at 5.45 in the clubhouse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and use a variety of locations to train, either on the track, at South Hill Park or at various hills around Bracknell. The group is divided into smaller sub groups depending on age, fitness and ability. A new member of the group is never expected to train at the same level as the established members. As fitness levels improve the athletes are invited to join our weekend training sessions at the Swinley Forest, where we either complete a training session or go for a long steady run.

    Although our training sessions are hard we believe the girls have fun, all our girls enjoy competing and most stay at competitions to watch their friends race, most of the girls socialise outside training nights.

    The athletes generaly range in age from 10 years - 19 years.

    As coaches we put a great deal of effort into ensuring that the athletes who train with us have the best possible training, tailor made to their own individual needs, in return all we ask is that they show the same level of commitment to their training and compete for the club when asked.

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