Core stability workout

A massive thankyou to Kathryn for putting this Core Stability workout together and for both of them for recording the videos to demonstrate how to complete each exercise.

Gilly's squad to try to complete the Main Strength Session twice

All other athletes to try to complete the Main Strength Session 3 times 

Strength and conditioning home workout.


Any light cardio work for 5 mins to increase HR and warm muscles up. Skipping, jogging on the spot, high knees or star jumps.

Dynamic warm up.

Taking joints through range of movement and stretching muscles to help with agility and flexibility.

Squats 10 reps

Backwards lunge with high knee drive forward 10 reps each side

Downward dog into High plank then extend one leg up behind and drive knee through to opposite elbow 5 reps each side

High plank into alternating low lunge 5 reps each side

From high plank walk feet up to hands then curl up slowly one vertebrae at a time to standing.

Main strength session

perform as a circuit 2-3 rounds.

Squats 10 reps

Pistol squats 5 reps each leg

Wall sit 10-20 seconds

Single leg deadlift (can use a light weight)

Glute raises 10reps (use bottom stair)

Single leg glute raises 5 each side

Calf raises 10 each leg (use bottom stair)

Single leg hops 10 each leg (pause in the low position then explode through the hop)

Walking lunges 10 reps ( knee inline with front heel)

Press ups 10 reps

Tricep dips 10 reps

High plank-Low front plank- right side- left side- front. 10 breaths each plank variation. core engaged and belly button pulled in.